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By using treatment and special body work techniques, thumbs, fingers and palms to stimulate acupressure point on the body, you will feel relax and help release your stress. Thai Massage Method uses two primary procedures-applying deep, consistent pressure to specific nerves, tendons and ligaments, and a wide variety of passive streching movements manipulating the skeleton in order to balance the functions of the body. The aim of the treatment is to treat the whole individual thus encouraging the body to heal itself and maintain homeostasis - the natural balance within the body. The effect of Thai massage is uniquely relaxing as well as energizing. Read More about Reflexology, thai Aroma Oil Massage, thai Aroma Massage is also called Thai Oil Massage; a combination of Traditional Thai Massage with Special Thai Aroma Massage Oil. Massage for couples, massage for couples is one of our specialties. You will see Jacksons Drawing. As the reflex points on the the hands or feet are worked the circulatory system increases blood supply around the body resulting in the release of tension and toxins for elimination. In Thai yoga massage it is not just the hands that are used but also the therapists feet, forearms, knees and elbows. The movements also help to adjust the skeletal structure, relieve muscular and joint tension, and stimulate the internal organs.

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5 reviews of Kinnaree Thai Massage "I have been getting massages for sometime now, due to chronic back pain. I have had memberships with chain stores and individual therapist who practice on their own. Kinnaree surpasses all of my previous massage. Each masseuse at Kinnaree has taken the trouble to understand my issues well in our time together. I have gotten lasting benefit. Tice that Target is on your left. The essential oil that rubs on your body will help smooth your skin and give you healthy looking kinnaree thai massage sexleksaker för killar skin.

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